Shipping Prices Increasing October 18th

The holidays are getting closer and closer! One of our main shipping carriers, USPS, has announced they will be increasing their shipping rates for the holiday season. Below is a summary of how our shipping pricing will change.


USPS Shipping Rates

First Class: +25 cents per order

Priority Mail:+40 cents per order

Parcel Select Ground: +40 cents per package

Priority Mail Express: +1.50 per package


This change will take place October 18th and will continue through December 27th.



$55+ Free Shipping is Changing to $65+ Free Shipping

Why? Current Covid-19 related slowdowns have made it increasingly more difficult to source our materials. Demand for the materials we use is high, but supply is low. Our suppliers have had to increase their costs to adjust to this issue.


What does this mean for you? To adjust for these increased expenses we have increased our free shipping minimum from $55 to $65. This change will go into effect October 18th.


The pricing of our individual products will not be changing.



What Shipping Methods Will Not Be Affected?

-Orders with our Flat Rate Shipping ($8)

-Orders with UPS shipping